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A Collection of 10,000 Rainbow Magic Pumping Corgis

Corgi Revolution is a NFT collection of 10,000 randomly generated Winter fashion styled Corgis making revolutions in the Metaverse. The Corgis are stored on the Polygon blockchain. Available on Opensea marketplace.


The Artist is a dog lover. She created us in memory of her lovable 6 years old female Corgi after her death to disease. She had a mystery dream of her Corgi talking after a week of her death. That gave her some inspiration of the collection. She used colorful rainbows to express her sympathy for her death. (1).gif
0e723427-d4b3-4459-8ea8-26fe012190df (1).png

Corgi Moho, photo took with us last month before she went to the Rainbow Bridge.


1st Stage: #1-2999 (0.05 ETH)

2nd Stage: #3000-4999 (0.02 ETH)

3rd Stage: #5000-10,000 (0.002 ETH) Public Mint (It's a secret new series of Corgis in upcoming May, watch out twitter)


Reserved by 50 Whitelist, 100 for giveaways campaign.


All Corgis Masters will receive a tailor-made NFT Glass placeholder, which designed by CryptToon.


For creators holder, they can have the Glass placeholder image replaced by their art work. (2).gif
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A Collection of 10,000 Coolest & Cutest Corgis

The Corgis are healing Masters’ hearts when you’re looking them pumping rainbow magic. Once stare at them we can’t stop! Each of them has a unique character, expressing by their outfits and face expression.

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A Coummunity for Corgi lovers and artist

The Corgi Revolution is the best community for Corgi lovers and all dog lovers. While the universe expands, our brand grows, and collectors can expect exclusive access to the latest products and events through ownership.

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